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Council Directors


Chair - John MacKay, General Manager, Materials Engineering, Aecon Construction & Materials Ltd.
Director Since: 2015
Committee(s): HMA Technical Working Group Chair

Vice Chair - Dominic CrupiVice President, D.Crupi & Sons Limited 
Director since:  2009
Committee(s): Marketing Committee

Secretary - Peter HamstraDistrict Manager, Southwest Ontario, Dufferin Construction 
Director since:  2016

Past Chair - Ivan Levac, Assistant Manager, City DivisionRW Tomlinson Limited
Director since:  2016
Committee(s): Plant & Paving Committee

Kourtney Adamson, Sales Manager, Yellowline Asphalt Products Ltd.
Director since: 2021 
Committee(s): Marketing Committee Chair

John Argento, Estimator, Interpaving Asphalt Limited
Director since: 2016

Bruce Armstrong, Director of Sales, Canadian Asphalt Industries Inc. 
Director since: 2008. OHMPA President in 2011.
Committee(s): Environment Committee, OAPC/OGRA Municipal Liaison Committee.
Award(s): 2014 Earl Kee Volunteer of the Year Award, 2020 Bleeds Black Award


Donn Bernal, Principal, Corfinium Solutions Inc. 
Director since:  2009. OHMPA President in 2016.
Committee(s): Marketing Committee, Enivronment Committee, OAPC/OGRA Municipal Liaison Committee.
Award(s): 2020 Bleeds Black Award





Chris Campbell, Asphalt Technical Advisor, Imperial Oil
Director since:  2019

Mike Deckert, Vice President, FLO Components Ltd.
Director since:  2014
Committee(s): Plant & Paving Committee Chair
Award(s): 2013 Earl Kee Volunteer of the Year Award, 2020 King Beamish Excellence Award
Jack Farrar, Vice PresidentThe Miller Group
Director since:  2021

Brandon Graci, President, Brantco Asphalt & Materials Ltd.
Director since:  2016

Bryan Hocking, Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Road Builders’ Association (ORBA)
Director since:  2018 (ex-officio) 

Matt Kennedy, Sales and Marketing Manager, McAsphalt Industries Limited
Director since:  2019
Committee(s): Plant & Paving Committee





Mark Latyn, Quality Control Manager, Capital Paving Inc.
Director since:  2019
Committee(s): HMA Technical Working Group

Rick Logozzo, General Manager, Coco Paving Inc.
Director since:  2014
Fernando Magisano, Senior Technical Advisor, Canadian Asphalt Industries Inc.
Director since:  2004. OHMPA President in 2010. 
Committee(s): HMA Technical Working Group
Award(s): 2011 Earl Kee Volunteer of the Year Award, 2014 Bleeds Black Award

Steve Manolis, General Manager - CAE, Coco Asphalt Engineering
Director Since: 2016
Committee(s): Environment Committee Chair, HMA Technical Working Group
Award(s): 2016 Earl Kee Volunteer of the Year Award, 2017 Bleeds Black Award

Kevin Martin, Project Manager, Fermar Paving Ltd.
Director since: 2010. OAPC Chair 2018.
Committee(s): HMA Techical Working Group and OAPC/OGRA Municipal Liaison Committee.
Bridget Mills, President and Senior Environmental Engineer, BCX Environmental Consulting.
Director Since: 2010
Award(s): 2012 Earl Kee Volunteer of the Year Award

Larry WilsonPresident, Fowler Construction Company Limited.
Director since: 2001. OHMPA President in 2009.
Committee(s): Environment Committee.
Awards(s): 2015 King Beamish Excellence Award


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