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OHMPA Past Presidents & OAPC Past Chairs

The Ontario Hot Mix Producers Association (OHMPA), formed in 1974, served as the respected voice for Ontario’s hot mix asphalt producers on all matters affecting the asphalt industry.  As of January 1, 2017, OHMPA amalgamated with the Ontario Road Builders’ Association (ORBA) as the Ontario Asphalt Pavement Council.  Below is a list of past OHMPA presidents and OAPC chairs who have tirelessly served the industry, association and council and for whose leadership we are grateful. 
OHMPA Presidents
John E. DeToro, Toro Asphalt, 1974 - 1978
*  Kenneth Rowe, Consolidate Sand and Gravel, 1979
Michael J. O’Connor, Repac, 1980
Douglas McLeish, Fermar Paving Ltd., 1981
Donald E. Budd, Warren Bitulithic, 1982
*  Earl Kee, Red-D-Mix, 1983/1984
Peter Anderson, Ambro Construction, 1984
David R. Semley, Hard Rock Paving, 1985
Larry Brown, Standard Industries, 1986
*  Carmen Alfano, Ontario Paving, 1987
Donald Wilson, Dufferin Aggregates, 1988
Terry Waites, Steed and Evans Limited, 1989
Phil Gignac, Ambro Construction, 1990
Gary Sidlar, Standard Asphalt, 1991/1992
Robert Cumming, Fermar Paving Ltd., 1992
Steve Cruickshank, Frontenac Aggregates, 1993
Tom McLeod, Towland-Hewitson Construction, 1994
Doug Kirton, D.Crupi & Sons Ltd., 1995
Gordon Lavis, Lavis Contracting Co.Ltd., 1996
Ashton Martin,  Fermar Paving Ltd., 1997
Teri McKibbon, Armbro Construction Ltd., 1998
John Loughnan, Miller Paving Limited, 1999
Robin Beamish, K.J. Beamish Construction Co., Ltd., 2000
Wayne Carson, Lafarge Canada Inc., 2001
Adrian Van Niekerk, Gazzola Paving Ltd., 2002
Mark Rivett, Lafarge Canada Inc., 2003
Tony Gaglia, D.Crupi & Sons Ltd., 2004
Doug Woods, Cope Construction, 2005
Murray Ritchie, The Murray Group, 2006
*  Joe Bunting, Miller Paving Limited, 2007
Paul Lum, Lafarge Canada Inc., 2008
Larry Wilson, Capital Paving Inc., 2009
Fernando Magisano, K.J. Beamish Construction Co. Ltd., 2010
Bruce Armstrong, Canadian Asphalt Industries Inc., 2011
Murray Ritchie, The Murray Group, 2012
Colin Burpee, Aecon Construction & Materials Ltd., 2013
Bentley Ehgoetz, Lavis Contracting Co. Ltd., 2014
Steve Smith, Miller Paving Limited, 2015
Donn Bernal, Yellowline Asphalt Products Ltd., 2016

OAPC Chairs
Mike McLean, McAsphalt Industries Limited, 2017
Kevin Martin, Fermar Paving Limited, 2018
Rick Logozzo, Coco Paving Inc., 2019
Ivan Levac, R.W. Tomlinson Limited, 2020
John MacKay, Aecon Construction & Materials Limited, 2021

For more information on OAPC, please visit our 2021-2022 Sourcebook.