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Bleeds Black Award

The purpose of the “Bleeds Black” Award is to highlight the passion and commitment of individuals to the superiority of asphalt as the pavement of choice in Ontario.  OAPC credits the award to past director Tim Fawcett, who, in 2012, was describing and individual and said “his passion and commitment for all things asphalt is so great that when cut, he bleeds black”.  After the discussion the idea for the "Bleeds Black" award was born.

Qualification of Nominees

Candidates must be actively involved in the asphalt industry in North America with direct benefit for the asphalt industry in Ontario and do not have to be a member of the Association.

Past Recipients


2021     Amma Wakefield, Asphalt Institute
2020    Donn Bernal, Corfinium Solutions Inc.
2020    Bruce Armstrong, Canadian Asphalt Industries Inc.
2019     Peter Gamble, Dufferin Construction Company
2018     Domenic Passalacqua, D. Crupi and Sons Limited
2017     Steve Manolis, Coco Asphalt Engineering
2016     Tom Dziedziejko, Aecon Construction & Materials Limited
2014     Fernando Magisano, K.J. Beamish Construction Company Limited 
2014     John Emery, John Emery Geotechnical Engineering Limited
2013     Dr. Susan Tighe, Director of CPATT, University of Waterloo
2013     Sandy Brown, OHMPA Technical Director
2013     Mark Cosby, Walker Aggregates, Vineland Plant Foreman