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Roads Scholarship Spotlight

OAPC Roads Scholars 

The Roads Scholar Program was developed through OAPC’s Plant and Paving Committee and is an initiative intended to better engage and educate young people about the industry as they are making career choices. Select students are invited to OAPC's Spring Operations Seminar free of charge and are formally recognized at the seminar.  The program provides students with an excellent opportunity learn more about the industry and to network with industry leaders.
Students who demonstrate exemplary leadership within their respective programs and who express an interest in the asphalt paving industry are selected by our partner colleges which include Algonquin, Canadore, Centennial, Conestoga, Georgian and Fleming Colleges. 

OAPC Roads Scholarships

In late 2013 OAPC (formerly OHMPA) decided to expand its offering beyond networking and educational opportunities and developed the Roads Scholarships program. The Roads Scholarship Program is a part of a long-term strategy to partner with local colleges from diverse regions of Ontario and increase awareness of the benefits of joining the industry and to promote training opportunities already. 
Students from each college are selected based on their academic achievement and exceptional leadership and technical skills. Special consideration for the scholarship is given to students who express a keen interest in the road building and asphalt industry. 

Roads Scholarship Spotlight

2021           Georgian College Students: Ryan Hugill, Nicolas Laning
2021           Conestoga College Students: Maiya Glasser, Tyler Patchell
2021           Centennial College Students: Samantha Everson, Finn Zygowski
Click here to learn more about the 2021 Roads Scholars. 

2020           Centennial College Student: Scott Wood
2020           Conestoga College Students: Chance McFarlane, Sandi Graca
2020           Canadore College Student: Michael McCallan
2020           Fleming College Students: Jeffrey Kalinovich, Michael Hoyer

2019           Algonquin College Student: Cameron Pryor
2019           Canadore College Student: Kelsey Wood
2019           Centennial College Student: Angela Laviolette
2019           Conestoga College Students: Chris McDougall, Duncan Goetze
2019           Fleming College Students: Nicolas Derome, Isaac Watt
2019           Georgian College Students: Thomas LeMoine, Amy Mejia

2018           Algonquin College Student: Stephanie Herstead 
2018           Canadore College Student: Branden Liedtke
2018           Centennial College Students: Gregory Moore
2018           Conestoga College Students: Cory Ralston, Estaban Munoz
2018           Fleming College Students: David Watson, Patrick Kunz Purser

2017            Centennial College Students: Brandon Wilk, Pedro Moreira
2017            Conestoga College Students: Liam Scherbinsky, Frank Sanchez
2017            Fleming College Students: Benjamin Rauh, Nathan Woodrow
2017            Georgian College Students: Josh Foran, Lucas MacDonald

2016            Centennial College Students: Dongmin Jo, Chris Constantinou
2016            Conestoga College Students: Brian Mackie, Nicholas Rojas 
2016            Fleming College Students: Christopher Coulas, Donald Strath

2015            Conestoga College Students: Matthew Smith, Donald Wilson
2015            Fleming College Students: Christopher Thompson, William Starling
2015            Georgian College Students: Glenn Watson, Lucas Kubbinga

2014            Conestoga College Students: Jeremy Andrews, Kyle Whiting
2014            Georgian College Students: Drew Gillespie, Michael Maynard-Spasov 
2014            Fleming College Students: Aaron Wright, Ryan Steenburgh

Since 2013, 48 students have received $1,000 scholarships. Thus far $48,000 in scholarships have been given. OAPC’s partnership with colleges through the Roads Scholars and Roads Scholarship Program have made a positive impact in connecting students with industry employers.