The OAPC's "Roads Scholar Program" was developed through the Plant and Paving Committee and as an initiative intended to better engage and educate young people about the asphalt industry as they are making career choices. Recipients are invited to our Spring Operations Seminar free of charge and are formally recognized at the seminar.  The program provides students with an excellent opportunity learn more about the industry and to network with industry leaders. 

In support of our Roads Scholar initiative, this job board is a space for construction and technology students to post their resume's for ORBA member companies to view. 

The resumes we receive will be divided into the 6 categories listed below. Please let us know where you best fit in. 



Ontario's Asphalt Paving Industry Facts

Ontario’s asphalt industry supports the province’s ~ $37 billion construction industry.

Ontario’s asphalt producers and contractors employ approximately 30,000 workers during peak construction season (March to Oct).

During this period, an estimated $8.1 billion in total employment income is created by the asphalt industry.

Workforce Need

Ontario’s construction industry and the road building industry in particular is facing a steep shortage in skilled labour force due to increased infrastructure needs and a generation of workers this is expected to retire over the next decade.

As the voice of the Ontario’s hot mix asphalt industry and being dedicated to excellence in asphalt pavements, OAPC felt that it was imperative to take the lead in partnering with colleges to help mitigate the skilled labour shortage and bridge the gap between OAPC members (industry employers) and local colleges (students entering the workforce).

Click here to download a fact sheet to learn more about careers in the road building industry.

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