MTO AC Price Index

Contract Language

Updated to reflect the change in the way MTO establishes the monthly AC index effective in OPSS-PROV 313, April 2021, and Special Provision No. ACPAYADJ, April 2021. This is an example of contract language to facilitate an increase/decrease in Hot Mix Asphalt prices based on MTO’s liquid asphalt Price Index. 

Additional Information:
MTO Special Provision No. ACPAYADJ, April 2021
Payment Adjustment for Changes in the Ministry of Transportation's Performance Graded Asphalt Cement Price Index.                                                                        This specification will be included in pavement warranty contracts where OPSS 313 is not included. The formula for calculating Tmix_mnth was added to the specification for clarity and is the same formula given in Clause 313. of OPSS313.
OPSS-PROV. 313, April 2021
Construction Specification for Hot Mix Asphalt – End Result (same language as MTO Special Provision No. ACPAYADJ).