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Fall Asphalt Seminar Presentations

2020 Fall Asphalt Seminar Presentations

2019 Fall Asphalt Seminar Presentations

2018 Fall Asphalt Seminar Presentations

          2018 Amma Wakefield - OAPC-CPATT Recovered PG Study Findings
          2018 David Newcomb - OAPC Top 10 List- Ways to Get More Durable HMA Pavements
          2018 Doubra Ambaiowei - Harmonizing HMA Specifications in Ontario
          2018 Kevin Chee and Mohammed Ahmed - Innovation in the Asphalt Industry
          2018 Kevin Martin - Quality of Asphalt Partnering Sessions
          2018 Pamela Marks - Innovation in the Aspahlt Industry

2017 Fall Asphalt Seminar Presentations

         2017 Amma Wakefield - An Update on the OAPC Waterloo Recovered Asphalt Study
         2017 Anne Holt - MTO's New Centre of Excellence in Transportation Infrastructure
         2017 Augusto Patmore - ORBA OAPC Quality of Asphalt Study Update
         2017 Kirsten Pauley and Bill Knopf - Resolving Pavement Performance: A Case Study 
         2017 Mike McLean - Amalgamation Report
         2017 Steve Manolis - What You Should Know About Testing Recovered Asphalt


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