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AMIS Template Documentation


On behalf of OAPC/ORBA members, BCX Environmental Consulting was instructed to prepare a set of template documentation for the AMIS. The template documentation is now available to download from the members only section of the association’s website(s). The latest Instructions for AMIS template documentation are summarized below:


  1. All files have been provided in editable formats, except for the Asphalt Mix Temperature Tables, which is a locked set of macro tables. Before using any of the documentation, BCX recommends making a copy of the files so that the facility always has a clean original copy of the files if needed.
  2. The documentation has been organized in sub-folders to assist members. Each folder contains a procedure and the related tables, forms and/or records.
  3. It is important to note that the set of documentation DOES NOT include documentation specific to registration for suspended particulate matter and/or respirable silica. The template documentation does include references to suspended particulate matter and/or respirable silica where applicable in the general tables. If a facility registers for either of these contaminants, additional documentation will need to be prepared.
  4. This documentation will require some site-specific customization as well as populating.
  5. Some elements of the documentation may be useful for asphalt plants who are not registering under the AMIS.


Download AMIS Template Documents