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Asphalt Technical Symposium Presentations

2023 OAPC Asphalt Technical Symposium

2023 OAPC ATS OAETG O-MAP Presentation -Sina Varamini
2023  OAPC ATS COH High RAP TYrials - Tyler Reanaud
2023 OAPC ATS_High RAP Lit Rev - Mike Aurilio
2023 OAPC ATS_Future Asphalt Binder Testing - Chris Campbell & Dr. Amma Wakefield
2023 OAPC ATS  Performance Testing on Asphalt Mixtures - Gelu Vasiliu

OAETG High RAP Literature Review Report
OAETG O-MAP Round 2 Executive Summary Report
2023 OAPC ATS Brochure

2022 OAPC Asphalt Technical Symposium

Welcome Remarks | Doubra Ambaiowei
Ontario - Mix Asphalt Program (O-MAP) Industry Study Updates and Next Steps | Sina Varamini
Emerging Approaches to RAP - Municipal Experience | Trevor Tinney
Emerging Approaches to RAP - Industry Practices | Mike Aurilio
AASHTO-ASTM Update to Gsind (DSRp) | Chris Campbell

2021 OAPC Asphalt Technical Symposium

Sina Varamini - Summary of OAETG 5-year vision
Hussain Bahia  - Responsible Use of RAP in Surface Mixes
Amin Mniena - OGRA/OAPC 2020 RAP Survey Results Handout
Ludomir Uzarowski - Engaging with OPSS.MUNI 1101: Highlights & Experiences
Amma Wakefield - OAPC CPATT Study: Performance Testing Update
Stevenson Ganthier - Transitioning to Balanced Mix Design: Agency Perspectives on Benefits and Practicalities of Performance Testing
Amma Wakefield - The Road Ahead: Plastics in Asphalt

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2020 OAPC Asphalt Technical Symposium

Hassan Baaj - Performance Testing Fundamentals
Amma Wakefeild - National Snapshot Binder Specs
Chris Campbell - Understanding Binder Blending and Diffusion in RAP Mixes
Gelu V., Seyed T., & Imran .B. - MTO Perspectives on Performance Testing
John Noel - Use of Phase Angle for Evaluating Binder Stress Relaxation and Aging Susceptibility
Leslie McCarthy - FHWA Movement Towards Performance Engineered Mix Design
Mike Aurilio - Characterizing PMA performance with PG Plus Tests
Mike Aurilio - Characterizing PMA Summary Sheet

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Please click here to see MTO's Response to questions addressed to them during the webinar. 

2019 OAPC – Imperial Oil Asphalt Technical Symposium

J-P. Planche - Current Research in US Addressing Inferior Binders & Cracking
Gerry Huber - Impact of Air Voids on Asphalt Aging Rates in Pavements - Superpave 5
Pavel Kriz - Refining Company Perspective & Approach to High Quality Binders
Amma Wakefield - Update on Ontario Binder Recovery Study
Simon Hesp - Early Implementation Finding for DENT and EBBR Test & Prospects for Simplifications
Pavel Kriz - DSR-PAV Parameter - Addressing Science & Test Variability
Pamela Marks - New Asphalt Cement Parameters Perspective & Action Plan