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City of Ottawa – Specifications Update for 2018-2019

OAPC would like to applaud the City of Ottawa as they have started the process to undertake a comprehensive review to compare the City of Ottawa standards to the Provincial standards.  Their goal being to align, streamline and bring about consistency to their standards by making them as similar as possible to the provincial standards. 

The industry recognizes the challenges to completing the task, but also understands the value to stakeholders in aligning specifications and standards.  As it stands, there are too many jurisdictions with their unique specifications which makes it tremendously challenging for contractors and suppliers to standardize their products in a way that encourages consistent and cost competitive products and services.

This is a step in the right direction and we encourage other jurisdictions to follow the City of Ottawa’s initiative.

Ivan Levac, P.Eng.

OAPC Board of Director/Plant & Paving Committee Member

Assistant Manager, City Division

R.W. Tomlinson Limited