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EC-102 Best Mgmt. Practices to Minimize Emissions During HMA Construction

Book | EC-101 | NAPA | $3.00

This publication provides guidelines for producing HMA in an environmentally responsible manner.

Category: Environment, Health & Safety, HMA & the Environment

HS-13 Material Safety & Data Sheets (MSDS)

Book | HS-13 | NAPA | $10.00

An essential element for your company's hazard communication program. Provides guidance on this important aspect of complying with OSHA regulations relating to Materials Safety Data Sheets.

Category: Environment, Health & Safety

MS-1 Thickness Design-Asphalt Pavements for Highways and Streets

Book | MS-1 | Asphalt Institute | $54.00

This publication represents a scientific approach rather than the traditional empirical approach to pavement.

Category: HMA Pavement Design & Rehabilitation

MS-2 Mix Design Methods for Asphalt Concrete and Other Hot Mix Types

Book | MS-2 | Asphalt Institute | $101.00

A practical guide to asphalt mix design (Marshall and Hveem) for engineers and students.

Category: Mix Design/Testing/Quality Control

MS-4 The Asphalt HandBook

Book | MS-4 | Asphalt Institute | $161.00

This is a required reference for engineers, technicians, specifiers, and equipment and HMA plant operators involved with asphalt pavement construction.

Category: Mix Design/Testing/Quality Control

MS-6 Pocketbook of Useful Information

Book | MS-6 | Asphalt Institute | $27.00

A handy pocket reference containing numerous tables on unloading tank cars, quantities of materials required for various widths and depths of construction, temperature-volume corrections for asphalt materials, and many more.

Category: HMA Placement & Performance

MS-16 Asphalt in Pavement Presevation and Maintenance

Book | MS-16 | Asphalt Institute | $81.00

This manual provides practical information on methods, equipment, and terminology for using asphalt to maintain all types of pavement.

Category: HMA Pavement Design & Rehabilitation

MS-17 Asphalt Overlays for Highway and Street Rehabilitation

Book | MS-17 | Asphalt Institute | $54.00

This edition details the state-of-the-practice for evaluating and designing asphalt overlays for both asphalt and concrete pavements.

Category: HMA Pavement Design & Rehabilitation

MS-19 Basic Asphalt Emulsion (4th edition)

Book | MS-19 | Asphalt Institute | $81.00

This is the industry's key publication for explaining the general characteristics of asphalt emulsions and their uses.

Category: Emulsions & Cold Mix

MS-22 Construction of HotMix Asphalt Pavements

Book | MS-22 | Asphalt Institute | $101.00

This manual provides critical information on the basic principles and procedures for constructing quality asphalt pavements.

Category: HMA Pavement Design & Rehabilitation, HMA Placement & Performance

NIS-123 Recycling HotMix Asphalt Pavements

Book | NIS-123 | NAPA | $16.00

Here's a publication that explains the how-to of RAP: how to reclaim, size, store, and process RAP in various types of HMA facilities. Calculations for determining the costs and savings available from using RAP are also provided.

Category: Environment, Health & Safety, HMA & the Environment

NIS-131 Porous Asphalt Pavements for Stormwater Managerment

Book | NIS-131 | NAPA | $33.00

Porous Asphalt Pavement is a useful publication for those who are in the business of designing, consulting, or construction pavements. With the proper design and installation, porous asphalt can provide cost-effective, attractive parking lots with a life span of 20 years or more.

Category: HMA Pavement Design & Rehabilitation, HMA Placement & Performance, HMA Promotion, New Products & Uses, Mix Design/Testing/Quality Control

NIS-132 Rubblization

Book | NIS-132 | NAPA | $16.00

Rubblization gives design and construction guidelines for rubblizing and overlaying Portland cement concrete pavements with hot-mix asphalt. Topics covered include reflection cracking, evaluation of projects for rubblization, various methods of design of the HMA overlay, equipment for rubblizing, construction operations, placing the overlay and user benefits.

Category: HMA Pavement Design & Rehabilitation, HMA Promotion, New Products & Uses

NIS-133 Bold Initiatives in the Asphalt Industry

Book | NIS-133 | NAPA | $5.00

This 24-page publication describes the ongoing approach used by the asphalt industry in the U.S. to work on complex environmental, health, and safety issues. This approach has yielded milestone achievements that have been cited by government agencies as a model for other industries. Examples of accomplishments summarized in the paper include emissions studies, engineering controls on asphalt pavers, warm-mix asphalt, the silica/milling partnership, the Diamond Achievement Commendation, sustainability, work-zone safety, recycling, the International Health Symposium of June 2006, and the NCAT oven test for asphalt cement content.

Category: Environment, Health & Safety

PV-3D Modern Asphalt Plants DVD

DVD | PV-3D | NAPA | $50.00

This educational video shows how hot-mix asphalt facilities operate and how HMA benefits the community. This behind-the-scenes tour is perfect for school groups, civic organizations, zoning boards, or employee orientation. In everyday, understandable language, it also stresses the environmentally friendly aspects of HMA operations.

Category: Asphalt Promotions

PV-9D Paving the Way: The History of Hot Mix Asphalt

DVD | PV-9D | NAPA | $40.00

This entertaining video recounts the history of the Hot Mix Asphalt pavement industry from Moses in the bulrushes to the present day. The program is structured into four- to seven-minute segments that can stand alone for short presentations, plus an introduction and conclusion. The segments present the histories of equipment, materials and mix design, contracting practices, and workforce issues.

Category: Asphalt Promotions

QIP-124 Desiging HMA Mixtures with High RAP Content

Book | QIP-124 | NAPA | $20.00

The newest NAPA publication on RAP and recycling is a joint publication of NAPA, AASHTO, and FHWA. Recycling asphalt pavement into HMA saves precious natural resources and reduces the cost of pavement for the traveling public. This publication provides practical guidelines for HMA mixtures with at least 25 percent RAP, including materials evaluation, mix design, plant verification, and quality control necessary to produce a quality pavement. 

Category: HMA Materials & Mixes, HMA Pavement Design & Rehabilitation

QIP-125 Warm Mix Asphalt Best Pracitices

Book | QIP-125 | NAPA | $45.00

This 44-page publication presents the state of the practice for warm-mix asphalt. Included are discussions of the various WMA technologies currently in use or under evaluation in the U.S., an overview of the benefits of WMA (including engineering advantages as well as improvements in environmental factors and working conditions), and a description of best practices for the production and laydown of WMA. Research needs and future challenges are also dealt with. This document is designed to be used by both agency and contractor personnel. 

Category: HMA Materials & Mixes, HMA Promotion, New Products & Uses

QIP-126 Energy conservation in Hot Mix

Book | QIP-126 | NAPA | $24.00

The production of any construction material is energy-intensive, and hot-mix asphalt is no exception. Energy costs constitute a significant percentage of the total cost of HMA production, so conserving energy can improve the bottom line for hot-mix producers. This 32-page publication presents opportunities for energy conservation in the HMA production process, and provides a method to calculate return on equipment investments that might reduce energy-related costs.

Category: HMA Plant/Production, HMA Promotion, New Products & Uses

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