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Fact Sheets and Informational Brochures


(June 2014)
Prepared by the OGRA-OHMPA Asphalt Materials Liason Committee. 
(May 2017)
This one-page fact sheet gives the facts on what actually causes potholes, what can be done to prevent potholes and sheds light on common misconceptions.
(MAY 2017)
Asphalt is the pavement of choice in North America and Ontario.  Download this four-page fact sheet to learn why asphalt is the better way to pave.
(June 2012)
Asphalt is one of North America's most recycled material.  You could say, asphalt is a lot like a chocolate mint, smooth and dark on the outside and refreshingly green on the inside.  Download this one-page fact sheet on Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement to learn about the sweet sustainable facts of asphalt.
(July 2012)
Download this brochure to learn about the top 20 reasons to pave with asphalt.
(May 2012)

Did you know that asphalt is commonly used in municipal water works to line pipe?  It is also used to line reservoir ponds, is water proof and does not leach toxins. Additionally, porous asphalt help with storm water management. Download this five-page document to learn more about how asphalt is used to keep our water clean. 

How do you measure the greeness of pavement? Download this four-page document to learn how and why when we pave with asphalt, we are putting aggregate and asphalt cement resources in the bank for future generations.


This 46-page guide is intended to assist plant operators in operating and maintaining their facilities in a manner that minimizes potential environmental impact. It outlines a "best practices available" approach to environmental management but is not all-inclusive to cover all possible situations.